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Get dressed up as a woman, by women.

We offer male-to-female transformations and photoshoots in the privacy of our unique beauty studio in Pawtucket, RI. Our beauticians never judge clients for what they’re into; they specialize in feminization makeup techniques and are masters of making clients feel comfortable.

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The Spirit of Forced Feminization

Makeovers by the GLOSS Collective

Who will be dressing me up?

The GLOSS Collective consists of makeup artists who really enjoy the challenge of turning male clientele into stunningly passable women. They’ll make you feel at ease before doing your makeup, dressing you up, and teaching you how to pose for photos like a proper lady. Every beautician in our collective has an open mind and a deep appreciation for femininity & making others feel comfortable. They are thoroughly vetted to make sure our crossdressing clients feel as comfortable & confident as possible. We take pride in the quality of care you will receive during your time with us.

What can the Collective do for me?

 If you’re interested in a MTF (male-to-female) makeover in a private setting, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer MTF Makeovers to clients who seek getting in touch with their feminine side, feeling accepted, and being praised for their bravery and inner beauty.

We provide full transformation and photography services to crossdressing clients, one at a time, by appointment in a secret beauty studio called the Temple of Feminization. We listen to your specific needs and fulfill them by connecting you to the exact type of beautician you’ve been looking for. Using body shaping equipment, makeup, wigs, clothing, heels, and other accessories, we will turn you into a stunning woman (aesthetically, of course), while teaching you how to pose like a lady in front of a camera.

Why choose the GLOSS Collective?

We will never do anything without your consent or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. Our goal is to make your fantasy come to life in a sane, safe, sensible fashion.

Each one of us promotes empathy by treating all humans with respect, regardless of how they choose to present and express themselves. We strive to protect your identity and promise full disclosure. You will never feel judged once inside our studio, only appreciated, accepted, and beautiful.

 That’s the collective. We would’ve called ourselves a society, but society sucks.

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Mission Statement

We exist to provide accessible transformation & photography services to crossdressers, both closeted and open. We understand that it may be difficult to find beauticians to do your makeup and help you dress up without the harsh judgement of society. That’s why we created a collective of open-minded beauticians with a fully-stocked makeover studio dedicated to turning men into women. Whether feminization is a hobby, a fetish, a lifestyle, or simply something you’ve always wanted to try, visit our studio and let us make you feel beautiful. Your secret is safe with us.

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