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Let our MUAs, Drag Queens, and Dommes transform you into a woman.

We offer male-to-female transformations and photoshoots in the privacy of our unique beauty studio in Pawtucket, RI. Our beauticians never judge clients for what they’re into. We specialize in feminization makeup techniques and are masters of making clients feel comfortable.

 Appointments ONLY! No walk-ins to our secret location.


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The Spirit of Forced Feminization

Makeovers by the GLOSS Collective

Who will be dressing me up?

The GLOSS Collective consists of makeup artists who really enjoy the challenge of turning male clientele into stunningly passable women. They’ll make you feel at ease before doing your makeup, dressing you up, and teaching you how to pose for photos like a proper lady. Every beautician in our collective has an open mind and a deep appreciation for femininity & making others feel comfortable. They are thoroughly vetted to make sure our crossdressing clients feel as comfortable & confident as possible. We take pride in the quality of care you will receive during your time with us.

What can the Collective do for me?

 If you’re interested in a MTF (male-to-female) makeover in a private setting, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer MTF Makeovers to clients who seek getting in touch with their feminine side, feeling accepted, and being praised for their bravery and inner beauty.

We provide full transformation and photography services to crossdressing clients, one at a time, by appointment in a secret beauty studio called the Temple of Feminization. We listen to your specific needs and fulfill them by connecting you to the exact type of beautician you’ve been looking for. Using body shaping equipment, makeup, wigs, clothing, heels, and other accessories, we will turn you into a stunning woman (aesthetically, of course), while teaching you how to pose like a lady in front of a camera.

Why choose the GLOSS Collective?

We will never do anything without your consent or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. Our goal is to make your fantasy come to life in a sane, safe, sensible fashion.

Each one of us promotes empathy by treating all humans with respect, regardless of how they choose to present and express themselves. We strive to protect your identity and promise full disclosure. You will never feel judged once inside our studio, only appreciated, accepted, and beautiful.

 That’s the collective. We would’ve called ourselves a society, but society sucks.

GLOSS Makeovers & Photoshoots

MTF Makeovers

Fantasy Photoshoots

Mission Statement

We exist to provide accessible transformation & photography services to crossdressers, both closeted and open. We understand that it may be difficult to find beauticians to do your makeup and help you dress up without the harsh judgement of society. That’s why we created a collective of open-minded beauticians with a fully-stocked makeover studio dedicated to turning men into women. Whether feminization is a hobby, a fetish, a lifestyle, or simply something you’ve always wanted to try, visit our studio and let us make you feel beautiful. Your secret is safe with us.

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What is GLOSS?

Have you ever pictured a place so safe and comforting, where all of your deepest dreams can come true? An establishment where girls cater to your need for transformation with joy and delight? Their soft, skilful hands are altering your appearance in slow motion. The man is slowly becoming a stunning woman. At that moment, you feel gorgeous. Moreover, you are also boundless. The feminization process is complete, and the butterfly is out of its cocoon.

Welcome to GLOSS, dear!

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As you might have guessed by our introduction, GLOSS is a cross-dressing studio for men. Plus, within the walls of our dominion, we create the most beautiful looks a man can ask for. Everything you fantasized about as a little boy, from a wallflower look to a smoldering temptress, is on the table.

Moreover, we’re going to make sure you feel and look as special as you are. Our professional team of girls will take you by the hand and give you a soulful makeover, which in itself is a dreamlike experience.

Thus, by the hands of pretty women, like with a magic wand, you will become a pretty woman, too. You have to admit that sounds alluring!

The GLOSS USA story

The GLOSS, USA story, begins like any other cross dressing tale you probably know, with a little bit of curiosity and a sprinkle of imagination. Do you remember the widening of the eye when you see a red, provocative lipstick? Or the arousing of the senses when you smell a woman’s fragrance? You must know how the heart skips a bit when you hear high heels on the pavement.

We can only speak from experience, and you should know that your story is also ours. The inspiration for the GLOSS studio didn’t come out of nowhere. It was right there all along, in the secret feminization sessions and the way garters look when you put them on.

The mission of the studio is rather simple, really. We want to create a haven, a place free of judgment and misinformation for everyone that wants to explore the feminine world on their own terms. You can be a regular or an occasional visitor in our small kingdom; it doesn’t make a difference. We are here to support you and guide you on your mission to fulfillment.

You don’t have to walk this path alone — alternatively, in the shadows of your TV with only RuPaul’s Drag Race to keep you company. We can walk it together, and we already know how to do fantastic makeup!

What can WE do for YOU?

However, let’s discuss the cross-dressing services for a moment. That way you’ll have a general idea about which package is best suited for you.

Glam & Go – This is our basic makeover package for CDs who just need a place to get ready for the night and for someone to apply their makeup professionally. Bring your own outfit, shoes, wig, and accessories, and get ready at the Temple for your big night out! We’ll make sure your face is dazzlingly gorgeous before you leave the studio & paint the town pink.

Our girls will dress you up, glow you up and take a few pictures, only with your permission, of course. What’s more, the wig selection will astound you! The heels are pretty amazing too, and we carry all sizes, just in case.

Classic Makeover – Our famous service: the complete male-to-female makeover! You’ll be paired with a makeup artist from the Collective best suited to create your desired look. This package includes everything required to shape you into a stunning woman, complete with a full photoshoot, while you learn feminine poses.

You’re wondering what we’re talking about here? Picture false eyelashes, a manicure ritual and a sexy set of lingerie, and you’ll get the idea. That’s one eventful afternoon full of feminine energy!

CoStar w/ Scarlett – You and Scarlett will be dressed to the nines and create a special photoshoot together! You and her will pose while your beautician directs each scene, resulting in a memorable photoset guaranteed to get lots of love FetLife, Instagram, Tinder, etc. Make Scarlett wear Drag Makeup for $130 extra.

Couples Makeover – Bring a friend! Both of you will receive complete makeovers & full access to the GLOSS wardrobe. Pick your co-model’s outfit while they’re getting their makeup done. Let’s create a photoset that’ll push society’s boundaries, challenge the establishment, throw sand in the machine, and reinvent sexy!

Therefore, the way you look, and the way you dress, are entirely in your control. Or not… depends on what you’re looking for, because “forced” feminization is also on the table.

However, a note of importance, we do not offer any sexual services!

Behind the scenes recap

Do you want to know what goes on behind closed doors? A small trailer perhaps about the way we apply makeup and select dresses? We can allow a preview for you!  

Let the magic begin!

Once you walk through the doors, a whole feminine world filled with enchanting perfumes and delicate fragrances opens up. You’ll know that this studio is exceptional in the way we pay attention to every detail that surrounds you.

We carefully treat every piece of the feminine world, and you’ll get to experience that enchanting ritual. Once you’re inside, you’re just one of the girls.    

The makeup palette features perfect colors that can transform you into your own version of Aphrodite. Blue eyeshadow sparkled with earthy tones, and a winged eyeliner looks a little bit like the iconic style of Cleopatra. Alternatively, you can go for the trendsetter image and copy the looks of Kim Kardashian or even the famous Dita Von Teese.

Everything you want to try, our team of professionals will make it happen. We understand that makeup and style are some of the basic imprints of our persona. Our girls are here to give you the most ladylike outlet of expression.

Cross-dressing is an art form, and we have developed it to perfection.

Every man that wants to be free of judgment and wishing to experience the other side of the spectrum is welcomed here at GLOSS!

It’s only a secret if no one knows about it

The best thing about our studio in the USA is that it’s a tightly kept secret in our locality. We advertise our web presence, while keeping the exact physical space under wraps: we understand that privacy is of the utmost importance for everyone. That’s why you can feel safe and secure with us because we will never tell anyone!

You know what they say, what happens in GLOSS stays in GLOSS!

Contact us for booking or additional information!

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