The History Behind the Crossdresser Makeover

Appearance is such an important part of our physical expression. In fact, the image that looks back at us from the mirror every morning defines our reality. The way we feel, perceive and respond to stimuli is, to some extent, determined by the way we look. For a man that wants to experience, at least once, what women experience when they look in the mirror, a crossdresser makeover is a must.

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Moreover, this fascination with the way we look is rooted in humanity ever since we became conscious humans. The ongoing debate of personality v.s physical appearance is quickly becoming irrelevant as we step into a more conscious era of understanding. The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together as we can openly talk about gender fluidity, cross-dressing or transgendered makeovers.

The future is here, but while we’re on the subject, let’s go back a little bit into the past.

First of all, there are records of crossdresser makeovers throughout human history — from kings and queens to modern-day movie stars. Moreover, crossdressing was practiced by some of the most distinguished individuals of our time. One example is the famous movie director Edward D. Wood, Jr. who said that he frequently wore women’s underwear under his military uniform during World War II.

However, by far the most interesting historical fact on this subject comes from Great Britain. Up until the early 1660s, women weren’t allowed to be on stage, and thus all female roles were played exclusively by men. In fact, men were the first ones that played all Shakespearean heroines like Juliet, Rosalind, Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra.

On that note, anyone who wishes to know more about cross-dressing in folklore can read the examples about Kabuki and Korean shamanism.

The charm of crossdressing makeovers and TG transformations

So, the main question remains, what’s the charm of crossdressing makeovers and TG transformations?

It depends on whom you ask, but for us, the charm is in the transformation itself. The process of one person becoming another within an hour is fascinating. There is something deeply mystical and magical in the feminine. Because we understand that desire better than most, we can fulfill it and support it.

We want to make you feel welcomed and unique, because that is precisely what you are, and our team of girls is going to prove that. Once you walk through the doors of our studio, the fairy-tale process of transformation starts.

The primary mission of the GLOSS Rhode Island studio is to provide you with a spot in the city where you can unburden yourself and just enjoy — a place free of judgment, and filled with acceptance and understanding. Furthermore, our girls will pamper you so much that you might want to book more than one hour. 

On the other hand, if you want to try out new things, we can offer you the “forced feminization” service. It’s about a bunch of girls, ganging up on you and turning you into one of them. Don’t worry; they will even put blush and gloss on you as well!

Cross-dressing is not a journey you have to take by yourself, because this is not a hero saga by Tolkien. Even though, if you read the books, you know that  Éowyn disguises herself as a man under the name Dernhelm to fight in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. So, it just might be!

Instead, you can come to us and let us guide you through this experience with our soft and skilful hands. We can understand because we already came back from that journey, and we know how magical it can be for you. Hence, it’s always easier when you have someone with experience in the field to help you out with a few beauty tips.

A crossdressing makeover experience

The crossdressing makeover experience is a truly magical process of transformation when, in front of your very own eyes, you become a woman. It all begins with a greeting from the team of professionals working at the studio. The girls will provide you with a complete makeup service by creating tailored color palettes that match your skin, hair and eye tones.

If at any moment you were having doubts about how beautiful you would look as a woman, their skillful hands will erase it. Furthermore, while they are applying makeup on your face, they do it with delight. Sometimes the attitude changes the whole atmosphere, and we have the right one.

We understand that you need to feel comfortable with us in order to enjoy the process. That’s why we want to turn you into one of the girls, just having a good time playing with makeup and feminine clothes. Everything from sexy lace lingerie to red garters is at your disposal. In fact, our team will dress you up like a doll that accentuates the right curves so you will feel irresistible.

From plunge necklines to figure-enhancing silhouettes, from corsets to soft, earthy tones on midsummer dresses, every persona you want to create is within grasp. Furthermore, the crown jewels in cross-dressing are wigs and heels, and we carry all sizes. Just ask the girls about the collection.

A crossdressing makeover Rhode Island | GLOSS

The best crossdressing makeover Rhode Island has to offer is at the GLOSS studio. We are extremely discreet, and we’ll keep your secret. No one has to know what you’re doing in your free time. However, a note of importance, we don’t offer sexual services of any kind, only magical crossdressing experiences.

Once you’re inside the studio, you get to pick out the best looking wig and the highest heels available. You don’t even have to limit yourself to one look when you can try them all. A sexy and provocative redhead? Done. A cute and shy brunette? We can pull it off. A bombshell blonde? Always on our repertoire.

Moreover, if you have a particular celebrity in mind, we can do our best to transform you into that person at least for a few hours. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves, and GLOSS is the haven where you can break free from society’s expectations. Besides, a good crossdresser makeover will boost your mood and make you feel free.

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