Feminine Transformations

Makeovers & Photoshoots by the GLOSS Collective

Expert beauty services dedicated to MTF crossdressers:

from first-timers to experienced queens and everyone in between.


Makeover & Photography Packages

Glam & Go

Pro Makeup & Wig Styling


1.5 hours

Getting ready for a night out? Bring your own outfit and put it on at the Temple! We’ll do your makeup and style your wig, making sure you look as passable as possible before you go paint the town pink!

Add Mini Photoshoot (½ hour) for $80

Classic Makeover



2.5 hours

Our famous service: the complete male-to-female makeover! You’ll be paired with a makeup artist from the Collective who’s best suited to creating your desired look. We’ll sit you down, put you into a salon cape, and start working our magic on you! Once your face is satisfactorily covered, we’ll put you in the right wig and pretty lingerie with either breast forms or a breastplate to fill out your chest. Your feminine figure will come to life once we get you into hip pads and a corset! Maybe a spritz of perfume too for a womanly aroma? Next, we’ll help you pick out your clothes and a pair of high heels or boots in your size to complete the perfect outfit. Ready for photos? We’ll teach you how to pose while we play photographer. You’ll learn how simple details can make you look much more feminine and passable, resulting in a stunning photoset. You can this knowledge to practice taking your own selfies, improving your femininity every day!

CoStar w/ Scarlett



2.5 hours

You’ll receive everything from the Classic Makeover Package PLUS Scarlett will be dressed en femme during your makeover (an Add On for free!). Not only that, but Scarlett will pose with you during the photoshoot session. We’ll bring in a local photographer from the Collective, so that you can co-model with Scarlett during your shoot, resulting in a memorable photoset you’ll have forever. Let’s get creative with your theme: want it to look like a forced feminization session? Scarlett will pose as your captor and feminizer. You’ll get tons of love on your FetLife profile, Instagram, Tinder, or wherever else you post photos of yourself dressed to the nines!

Make Scarlett wear Drag Makeup for $130

Couples Makeover



3.5 hours

Bring a friend and let’s make magic! Both parties will receive everything from the Classic Makeover Package, which includes full access to the GLOSS wardrobe for the entire session. Choose your co-model’s outfit while they’re getting their makeup done. Go nuts, surprise them! Let’s have fun in front of the camera and create something that’ll really push society’s boundaries, challenge the establishment, throw sand in the machine, and reinvent sexy.

A La Carte

Book an appointment for any of these items

Pro Makeup

1 hour


We’ll pair you with a beautician from the Collective to give you the exact type of makeup look you’re going for. From natural to bold & glam, we can do it all! Every one of our beauticians is well-versed at feminization makeup techniques, so we will make you as passable as possible.

Drag Makeup

2 hours


We have several drag makeup masters in the Collective who can transform you into the exaggerated queen of your dreams. Your face will get the whole nine yards! This includes: gluing down your eyebrows, full contour and baking, huge lashes, bright colors, and lots of glitter.

Makeup Lesson

2 hours


Class is in session! Enjoy a custom one-on-one session where your beautician will teach you feminization makeup techniques as they apply your makeup. You’ll learn valuable skills while they work their magic! We tailor each lesson to your skill level, from beginner to pro; there’s always more to be learned. (Lessons are not taught by Scarlett)

Full Photoshoot

1 hour


Already dressed and looking for a new FetLife profile pic? Come to the Temple and hop in front of Scarlett’s lens for an hour. She’ll make you feel right at home while you strut your stuff for the camera! We have a few professional cameras at the Temple, or we can use your camera phone for absolute discretion – whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Package Add Ons

Add these items to any Package

Scarlett en Femme


Scarlett will be dressed up and “presenting as female” during your session. It takes two extra hours of work for her to dress up, otherwise, she’ll be presenting as male during your session. Remember – she’s a crossdresser, just like yourself!

False Lashes


Include big, feminine false lashes with your makeup application.


+ ½ hour


Your beautician will apply your choice of acrylics or nail polish to your nails.

Outfit Change

+1 hour


You’ll have full access to our wardrobe to try on different outfits, shoes, or wigs, etc. You can use any extra time to practice walking in heels, lounging around and talking girly with your beauticians, or keep shooting photos. More outfits mean more photos and more poses!

Drag Upgrade

+1 hour


Take your makeup to the next level! Upgrade your package with a drag queen look and really make your photos extraordinary. We promise you’ll be the envy of your peers.

We’ll teach you how to highlight your most feminine features, making you passable for the camera, while bringing out your babydoll side and making you look exactly how you feel: SEXY!

All photos from your session are YOURS to keep! We don’t own them, but you’re more than welcome to send a few photos back to us if you’d like them posted anywhere.

Head Bitch @ GLOSS, Scarlett Sensi
Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island
Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island
Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by our lovely staff, who will make sure you feel comfortable before the beautification process begins. We usually start with makeup before clothes, so everyone can get to know each other before you take the plunge into feminine bliss. You’ll have the privacy of our changing room to get acclimated to your new outfit before taking your first steps (in heels!) back into our lounge/photography area.

You will be the only client present at the studio during your makeover. We focus our attention on YOU!  To promote comfort and privacy, we don’t book multiple clients for the same time slot (unless you request this specifically).

Makeover Examples

Jessica’s “Classic Makeover”

Keep it simple, classy, and sassy!

Amber’s “Classic Makeover” with “Scarlett en Femme”

Let’s make you pretty, you little sissy!

Wendy’s “CoStar W/ Scarlett” Makeover

Let’s get weird, creative, and kinky!

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The Art of Crossdressing Services Available in New England

Finding a proper and trustworthy studio that provides cross dressing services can be a challenging task. All those days spent on the internet, searching for a place where your wishes are praised and crossdressing fantasies are fulfilled, have finally paid off. Because you just found GLOSS Temple of Feminization, a studio that has elevated crossdressing into an art form.  Welcome, and let’s begin our journey together!

Contact us for booking or additional information!

Most of the time, everything begins with a single thought in mind: Would I look good if I were dressed as a woman? Would it suit me? Would I be beautiful? Furthermore, most often than not, the answer to all those questions is “yes”!

Our crossdresser makeovers will leave you breathless, because we’re going to transform you into the most beautiful girl that you ever hoped to resemble. Our professional team of girls are here to make sure that you’re satisfied with the end result. Everything is custom-tailored to you and your personal taste — from sexy glamour to sassy or innocent looks, we’re here to make it happen.

Once you get inside our studio, you become just another one of the girls!

Feminization itself

Feminization, and consequently cross dressing have always been thrilling subjects throughout human history. You can find plenty of examples of crossdressers in Greek, Norse and Hindu mythology. This is nothing new, but it’s still very exciting. Cross dressing practices are even found in folklore, literature, theater and music. Significant historical figures have practiced this art in their everyday lives, from Catherine the Great to her husband Peter III.

The feminine concept itself holds great power over humanity because of its beauty. It’s more than understandable why experiencing this would be alluring and tempting. Our only mission is to help you achieve that level of gorgeousness.

Crossdressing services available at GLOSS

The cross-dressing services we provide at our studio are:

Crossdresser makeovers

Transgendered makeovers

Crossdresser transformations

Male to female transformation services

While we’re on the subject of feminization, we want to inform you about another unique service we offer at our studio – “forced feminization.” If that’s one of your fantasies, GLOSS can make it happen. Just imagine a bunch of girls ganging up on you, giggling, putting you in sexy female clothes. They will even put makeup on you, turning you into one of them!

Each of the services above is customizable per your requirements. However, we have to let you know that we don’t offer any type of sexual services at the studio.

Cross-dressing services near me

If you’re wondering if there are cross-dressing services near me while located in New England, we’re glad to inform you won’t be disappointed!

In the GLOSS Studio, we can fulfill your most intimate fantasies when it comes to cross-dressing. Whether you’re searching for one girl or three, one hour or more, our professional staff will make you feel like you’re one of us. Eyelashes, mascara, professional makeup, lipstick, hair extensions, full-blown sexy outfits — we go all the way for you. Moreover, when we’re done, we’ll snap a picture if you want.

The journey

When you first start as a crossdresser, in the solitude of your own home, it can be a lonely experience. However, it most certainly doesn’t have to stay that way. Here at GLOSS, we understand you because we have the same or similar experiences. You can think of our studio as the helping hand that guides you through this new and wonderfully enjoyable journey.

Cross-dressing doesn’t have to be a solitary affair!

Our professional team can lead you through the complexities of the feminine maze, where one can easily get lost in the world of makeup, contouring, cosmetic products, and fashion pieces. We’re going to help you find the inner beauty queen and take it out so she can shine!

The mission here at GLOSS is to create the atmosphere where your inner femininity will blossom.

Crossdress services New England

GLOSS offers crossdress services in New England for everyone that appreciates the art.

The process is quite simple and very enjoyable. Once you pick your package, we’ll clean your face up and put on some makeup. This part can be exhilarating! Let us paint the picture for you.

You’re sitting down on a comfortable chair in front of a big, light mirror where you can see your reflection changing from a man to a woman. The skilled hands of our beautician are caressing your skin with a soft brush, placing powder and blush over your face. Then she moves over to the eyes, skilfully making an elegant line with a black Rimel on your upper eyelid before setting the eyelashes.

She continues with a smaller brush, adding complementary eyeshadow that makes your eyes pop, turning them into the eyes of a feminine goddess! You look up, and you’re amazed by the delicate beauty you see in the mirror. She continues with the lipstick. Your lips light up with color, making the finishing touches extra magical.

Once we’re done with the makeup part, we continue with the lingerie. This portion of the session is also immensely fun. You can pick something out, or give us guidelines and instructions and we’ll select something sexy and cute for you. When you’re comfortable in your new feminine clothes, we’ll move on to the wigs!

Try a few wigs out, see what you like, be playful with your style and create the image you’ve always wanted. Hair doesn’t make the woman, but good hair definitely helps. You might be surprised how much a wig can make or break a look.

The last touch is high heels. In the words of the famous Manolo Blahnik, “You put high heels on, and you change.” Don’t worry about the heels’ size; we’re like a shop and we carry all sizes.

Now, when the look is finally complete, you can walk around in your heels and sexy lingerie, along with full makeup, and let your feminine side shine!

If you like the scene we described for you above, and if that makes you eager to try our services out, you should give the GLOSS Studio a call. There are so many dressing choices in the world of a woman that we are just getting started. You can be whoever you want to be with us. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to make your dreams come true.  

Our cross dressing services are only for the ones that seek us out. Remember, we will never tell anyone! Shhh!

Contact us for booking or additional information!