The Temple of Feminization

GLOSS’s Secret Beauty Studio for Crossdressers & Sissies

A Weird, Creative, Safe Space for Indulging your Feminine Fantasies

The Temple of Feminization is much more than just a safe space for self expression. It’s a beauty salon, a photography studio, a psychedelic fantasy dungeon, and an artistic work in progress. We provide the makeup, the outfits, the accessories, the photography, and the right artists to meet all of your needs. All we need is YOU!

Unlike your traditional BDSM dungeon, the Temple is dedicated specifically to crossdressers & sissies. We have all the outfits, makeup, shape-shifting gear & supplies necessary to turn you into a stunning woman. We never half-ass your makeup or dress you up in ill-fitting garments. We take feminization & sissification very seriously. The only thing we take more seriously is your privacy. Unlike your traditional beauty salon, our salon is invisible to neighbors; nobody needs to know the nature of your visit.  We maintain an atmosphere of zero judgement, while making sure you receive absolute discretion during your entire experience with GLOSS.

Inside the Temple

Beauty Salon

  • Boudoir Vanity & Mirror
  • Hydraulic Chair
  • Salon Capes
  • Professional Makeup
  • Nail Polish & Acrylics

Dressing Room

  • Lingerie, Panties, Bras
  • Body Shaping Equipment
  • Outfits & Wigs
  • High Heels & Boots
  • Jewelry & Accessories

Photo Studio

  • Professional Cameras
  • Studio Lighting
  • Colorful Backdrops
  • Animal-print Furniture
  • Fun Props

Dungeon Space

  • Bondage Restraints
  • Gags & Blindfolds
  • Collar & Leash
  • Shibari Rope
  • Mannequin Co-Model

All Dedicated to the Art of Crossdressing

Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS
Crossdressing Services by GLOSS

Leave Your Masculinity at the Door

Our dressing room is fully stocked with lots of makeup, nail polish & acrylics, high heels, wigs, cute clothes, realistic breast forms, hip pads, butt pads, drawers full of panties, bras, sexy lingerie, leggings, tights, corsets, and jewelry. We have several styles of wigs to achieve your best look and every kind of sexy women’s shoes you can imagine to show off your legs and butt. Our clothing racks are full of dresses, skirts, tops, and a few slutty little numbers you’ll have to see for yourself. Come take your pick! But be warned, if you are too indecisive or hesitant, we will pick out your entire outfit, making you model for us while we play photographer.

Pose, Bitch!

Our Secret Location

The Building

We are located in a refurbished textile mill in Pawtucket, RI among many other artists and small businesses. The other tenants in our building are very open-minded and LGBTQ+ friendly. You will never feel uncomfortable or judged during your entire experience, from the parking lot to our studio and back again.

Your Anonymity

That’s why we don’t draw any attention to our studio location. The off-street parking lot is behind the building and big enough to accommodate the building’s other tenants, artists, and their guests. There is no GLOSS sign on or in the building; our studio door is unmarked. Our windows are curtained, and there’s nothing outside the door that would suggest what happens inside our door.

Trust Us: Your Secret Is 100% Safe Here.

Studio Gallery

A look inside the Temple.