What Do Transgendered Makeovers at GLOSS Entail?

A whole new world of feminine energy opens up when you walk through the doors of the GLOSS Temple of Feminization — a place where every lipstick represents something more than just a pretty color. Once you’re inside our little kingdom, built on makeup, fragrance and high stilettos, you can feel the female power. Our transgendered makeovers are the embodiment of sophistication. Moreover, we’ll make sure you’re more than happy with the way you look.

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At GLOSS, you can expect every regular beauty service and more. Not only do we provide a high-quality makeup experience, but we can also play dress up. Hence, when we’re talking about a makeover, we do mean a complete makeover.

With the help of our girls, you can browse through the lingerie and dresses collection. Try a few things on for show. Think of it as improv shopping. You have elegant and sexy clothing at your disposal. Furthermore, a look wouldn’t be complete without a high-quality wig and some high heels, so we have those, too. Plus, we carry them in all sizes.

For a little bit of inspiration, we have to turn to the words of Iman: “Looking good is a commitment to yourself and others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates, even fillers – whatever works for you, honey.”

Beautiful male to female transformation

The trick always lies in beauty. In fact, the goal of our transgendered makeovers is to bring the beauty queen out in the open. We’re a haven where you can create as many personas as you wish, and we’re going to help you create them by providing the beauty service and the additional layers.

The male to female transformation has many forms. From crossdresser transformations to transgender transformations, everything can be achieved with the right attitude and a little bit of makeup.

This is our world and our experience as much as it is yours. Hence, we can understand the desire for female beauty because we also have it within us.

We know the incredible feeling of putting on silky pantyhose that define the legs and give them a little sparkle. Furthermore, we see the joy of smelling a soft fragrance on the skin that brings out the sexy temptress in you. Every little detail, from lipstick to Rimmel, is in fact, a symbol of feminine power.

Of course, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but here at GLOSS, that beholder is you!

Get your dream makeover

Therefore, the question remains, what happens when our girls start with your dream makeover? Let us explain the process.

You sit down in front of a well-lit mirror and tell us what the perfect look means to you. Then we take out the pallets of color and try out a few looks — with your help. Just imagine the soft skin on the skilful hands of our girls caressing your eyelids.

We start off covering the skin with the appropriate contouring kit so that we can highlight the flattering spots on the face. Once we have everything in the right tone, we move on to the blush. The brush is running across your checks with the most indulgent warm colors that will make the features pop out.

We try a few different shades of blue, green, golden or white on top of your eyelids before we settle on the perfect color. Then we add a mix of black and silver eyeliner to achieve the ideal shocking look. False eyelashes are the finishing touch. When we set them in, your eyes will look glamorous and feminine.

Of course, no look would be complete without the most important detail of all, the lipstick. Were you hoping for a bright red color? Or perhaps an innocent Barbie look with a pink shade? Maybe a bold declaration in a deep brown color? Whatever you imagine, we can provide it for you.

Furthermore, if you always wanted to fulfill your fantasy about “forced feminization,” we can do that as well. It’s just a bunch of girls, ganging up on you, putting you in fine-looking dresses and a lavish wig. They’ll make sure your makeup is on point too!

TRANSformations in private  

The other key ingredient is privacy.

If you don’t want anybody to find out about these makeup and dress up sessions at GLOSS, we understand. In fact, one of the main pillars of our philosophy is complete discretion. We know that you may need to play a different role outside our walls, and that it’s important to leave this as our little secret.

However, if you want a little token of appreciation, we can pull something off.

One of the things we can do after you’re all dressed up is snap a picture. You can model for us, enjoy with the girls and have a whole photo session. As with everything else, you select the poses and the fabrics.

Just think how beautiful you would look in a retro uptown 90s robe, decorated with delicate golden flowers on a black textile. It’s that early Versace vibe. Furthermore, imagine deep red mesh bras and cage bras, or sensual bralettes and cut-out bustiers. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Transgendered makeovers near Massachusetts | GLOSS

At GLOSS, you can find the most in-depth transgendered makeovers near Massachusetts. We’re a secluded and private studio, so if you want to know our address in the city, you have to contact us directly. This whole experience is like a cute treasure hunt, even before you walk in the door.

If you’re looking for a place where you can shine like a queen, guess what, you just found it.

At GLOSS, we offer several different packages, depending on what you want to do while you’re here. The standard 2.5 hour packages let you include a manicure as an add on. Plus, you’ll have the option to add an extra hour or two, so that you may try out a few outfits and find the one that fits you perfectly.

The GLOSS transgendered makeovers implement every part of the female desire, and they turn it into beauty. In front of your eyes, you’ll transform from a man into a woman, and a stunning woman at that. However, a note of importance, we don’t offer any sexual services — just makeovers.

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