The Thrill of Crossdressing Transformations

There is something quite magical and exciting in the process of becoming a woman. Despite what anyone says, you’re not confined to the limits imposed by your gender. In fact, the only difference between once upon a time and now, is that we’re a bit more free to talk about gender fluidity. Today, we finally have the means and the knowledge to plunge into the world, male or female, on our own terms. Publicly or secretly, it doesn’t make a difference, because crossdressing transformations are now an option.

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However, you shouldn’t think for a second that we don’t have popular crossdressing transformations throughout history. For example, you can read the autobiography of Catherine the Great, and learn more about her — and her husband’s — crossdressing habits.

Furthermore, for all the mythology lovers, Thor and Loki were two of the earliest crossdressers known to man. According to the legend, Thor was crossdressing as Freyja, the Norse Goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death. We have to admit that he had to upload quite an image, because Freyja sounds like a glorious woman.

From a man to a woman

Our male to female transformation services are conveying the beauty of the makeover process itself. We want to help you achieve that level of glamor and fabulousness that will make you feel beautiful when you look in the mirror. The end game is always the same when you transform from a man to a woman; you need to be able to touch the feminization.

At GLOSS, you don’t have to wonder about how magical that would look like because you’ll be able to see it for yourself. Each piece of lingerie or jewelry we put on you, each stroke of the brush, is only there so you can transform. No question is left unanswered, and no desire is unfulfilled.

In fact, we even have a forced feminization service for anyone who desires to get caught by a gang of women and beautified. Our group of girls will giggle while they’re putting lipGLOSS and eyelashes on you. Moreover, they will even dress you up as one of them, and turn you into just another girl in the gang.

However, as we said above, crossdressing is really nothing new. The idea itself has intrigued and enchanted people from all over the world and through human history. Even the great Shakespeare was fascinated with crossdressing in one form or another. We can see that in his plays, where seven of them include crossdressing characters.

Just for further reference, the plays we are referring to are:  

  • The Merchant Of Venice
  • As You Like It
  • Twelfth Night
  • Cymbeline
  • The Two Gentlemen of Verona
  • The Taming of the Shrew
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor

The crossdress transformation services at GLOSS

Here at GLOSS Temple of Feminization, we offer four main packages. Here is a list of our crossdress transformation services:

Glam & Go – This is our basic makeover package for CDs who just need a place to get ready for the night and for someone to apply their makeup professionally. Bring your own outfit, shoes, wig, and accessories, and get ready at the Temple for your big night out! We’ll make sure your face is dazzlingly gorgeous before you leave the studio & paint the town pink.

Our girls will glow you up, put makeup on your face and take a few pictures — only if you want them to, of course. What’s more, the heels selection will amaze you! The wigs are pretty remarkable, too.

Classic Makeover – Our famous service: the complete male-to-female makeover! You’ll be paired with a makeup artist from the Collective best suited to create your desired look. This package includes everything required to shape you into a stunning woman, complete with a full photoshoot, while you learn feminine poses.

CoStar w/ Scarlett – You and Scarlett will be dressed to the nines and create a special photoshoot together! You and her will pose while your beautician directs each scene, resulting in a memorable photoset guaranteed to get lots of love FetLife, Instagram, Tinder, etc. Make Scarlett wear Drag Makeup for $130 extra.

Couples Makeover – Bring a friend! Both of you will receive complete makeovers & full access to the GLOSS wardrobe. Pick your co-model’s outfit while they’re getting their makeup done. Let’s create a photoset that’ll push society’s boundaries, challenge the establishment, throw sand in the machine, and reinvent sexy!

However, while we’re on the subject of services, we have to let you know that these are the only ones that we offer. In fact, we don’t provide any type of sexual services at GLOSS.

A crossdressing makeup transformations preview

Let’s give you a short preview of the crossdressing makeup transformations that take place at GLOSS. There are two main events at our studio, makeup and dress up, and our team of professionals does both of them fabulously.

When we’re talking about makeup, we are, in fact, talking about an art form. As you already know, one of the most feminine activities is putting on lipstick or mascara. Thus, when you come to GLOSS to receive a makeover, makeup is one of the things we pay attention to. We’ll also put false eyelashes on you and give you a wig. After all, a look wouldn’t be complete without them.

The second phase is the selection of lingerie. Lace garters, sexy bustiers, flattering bodysuits, cute babydolls, sensual merry widows and breathtaking corsets  we have them all. Thus, you get to try any one of them!

The best crossdressing transformations Rhode Island has to offer

At GLOSS, we perform the best crossdressing transformations Rhode Island has to offer because we understand what you’re looking for. Your desire for feminine looks is also ours. We have been down this road before, and because of that, we can offer more than makeup — we can also provide guidance.

You don’t have to go on this journey alone. We can keep you company, and give you a fantastic makeover while we’re there.

The crossdressing transformations we perform at GLOSS are the epitome of glamor and elegance. We enjoy our work and love dolling you up. All you have to do is ask!  

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