Nail Polish

I let one of my female friends paint my fingernails red one day. She had been begging me to let her do it for weeks. I finally said “Okay, fine!”

Women’s Clothes

The next night, that same friend was having some of her girlfriends over and told me to come too. When I arrived, she pulled out a silky red shirt and said, “Put this on.” “Whatever,” I thought. I took off my tee shirt and put on this silky, feminine shirt that she handed me. It felt pretty girly.

Wig & Light Makeup

The girls were passing around a blonde wig, each one trying it on and taking selfies. When it finally ended up in my lap, all the girls yelled, “Put it on!” I did. They laughed and took photos of me. Then, one of the girls asked if she could do my makeup. I refused but she kept pestering. “Come on! I’ll only put a light layer on you. You’ll hardly notice it. This was the result:

Loosen Up, Sissy

Not too bad! I still felt like a guy, only slightly more feminine. They thought it was pretty funny. Then the girls started whispering. I knew they were up to something…

They handed me a spliff and told me to smoke it. So, I did.

Heavy Makeup, Perfume, & Boots

As the night went on, I loosened up more. The girls knew this because they planned it! They took advantage of my relaxed state and made me get into more girly clothes and put more makeup on me! The makeup was much heavier than the first time around. They even sprayed me with perfume! I started feeling really girly, especially after one of them put some knee-high boots on my feet.

Fake Boobs

“Put on these boobs!” one girl shouted, as she threw a breastplate at me. I listened to her and did what they said. “Perfect, now pose bitch!” I complied.

Posing & Humiliation

They really got me this time. I was forced to keep posing until I liked it. Here are the photos they took of me as the end result…

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