Sissy! Photography by Scarlett Sensi

AS220 Project Space Gallery, Reading Room

March 2-23 @ 93 Matthewson Street, Providence, RI

Opening night was a success! My photographs will remain on the walls at AS220 for another few weeks. The last day to check them out is Saturday, March 23rd.

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 12-5pm
Friday: 12-5pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: closed

Scarlett Sensi (she/her) is an American MTF crossdresser with a forced feminization fetish. She is a musician who plays folk punk songs at drag shows, a skateboarder, a self-taught photographer, a fetish porn producer, and a shame-liberating Dominatrix who enjoys co-Domming with her girlfriend.

Scarlett runs a single-chair beauty & photography studio, called GLOSSDRESS (aka GLOSS Temple of Feminization), based in Pawtucket, RI, where she pairs makeup artists (mostly from the local drag scene) with (usually male-identifying) clients who need a safe space for their femme persona to flourish. She originally created the studio in Hong Kong, called Gloss HK, but moved operations in January 2020 to America after being denied entry for suspicion of protesting the CCP’s involvement in HK in 2019.

GLOSSDRESS is the product of Scarlett’s kinky imagination and desire to create a safe space where crossdressers across the spectrum can explore their fantasies without judgment, either visually or fully immersed. Scarlett has been introducing more models and sex workers to GD’s staff for clients who prefer an authentic submissive experience rather than a vanilla makeover & photoshoot alone. Role play and content creation have allowed GD to expand its reach beyond RI while creating safer, more predictable work for sex workers.

Sissy! pays homage to those who brazenly show their true colors, especially when they go against social norms. The term ‘sissy’ is controversial in the traditional sense and, in the BDSM world, it refers to a submissive crossdresser who’s into humiliation. Toxic masculinity poisons men with the belief that femininity is shameful, which is the reason these fetishes exist. Scarlett encourages her clients to think for themselves and take steps outside their comfort zone… in heels.

There are Zines for sale!!