Trans / Queer / NB Takeover Party

Saturday, 5/11/23 @ Sugar Hollow Taproom, Danbury, CT

Hosted by the lovely Mx. Tiffany Leigh, we invite you to dress up and celebrate with us at Sugar Hollow Taproom, formally known as the original Triangles Café where Tiffany’s legendary trans/queer takeover was born. Want professional makeup done for the event? We’ll be set up & doing makeup at a local hotel. Book your time slot soon – they’re going quickly!

For more information about the event, click on either link above. To book your makeup service for the event, see below.

Makeup Services for GORGEOUS

GLOSS will be providing makeup services to guests attending Tiffany Leigh’s GORGEOUS: Friends of Triangles Reunion party. Beauticians from the GLOSS Collective will be setting up shop at the Maron Hotel & Suites in Danbury, CT, less than 10 minutes down the road from the party. Come get your makeup done between 3pm and 9pm! We’re offering Classic Makeup only (no drag this time).

Classic Makeup

Bold/Glam or Natural Looks


1 hour

Our famous makeup service: the professional male-to-female facial transformation. You’ll be paired with a makeup artist from the GLOSS Collective who’s best suited to creating your desired look. Whether you prefer a bold/glam/dramatic look or a more natural look, we’ll get you all gussied up and ready to strut your stuff! Our clients are always complimented on how good their makeup looks. Will you be next?

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