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Sissification Transformations

The ‘Forced Feminization’ Experience

What is a Roleplay Makeover?

A Roleplay Makeover is a performance built around self-exploration for all parties involved. Basically, it’s a staged ‘forced feminization’ scenario. The goal is verbally dominate and make the client feel as though they are being feminized against their will (even though it’s exactly what they wanted). They will be restrained either mentally or physically (think: rope or blackmail), forcing them to submit to their beautician’s dream of having a real-life dress up doll to play with for the day.

Beauticians who’ve fantasized about turning a man into their mannequin, putting makeup on him and dressing him up in girly outfits, are given the opportunity to find out what the hype is all about (if they haven’t already). We pair these beauticians with our clients who share a similar fantasy but as the ‘receiving’ role. Scarlett introduces both parties, making sure the chemistry is right and everyone is comfortable before setting the stage for the transformation to begin. She wants to give you two space to explore and if she isn’t part of the session, she will remain nearby in case anyone needs help. Although Roleplay Makeovers may seem sexually suggestive in nature, having roots in BDSM/Kink psychology, there are no sexual acts allowed during session hours.

Who are Roleplay Makeovers for?

Roleplay Makeovers are for beauticians who are more open-minded and have an interest in the exciting world of BDSM & Kink. Without going “full-dominatrix”, beauticians can enjoy a relatively easy introduction into dominating with one of our “sissy” (submissive crossdresser) clients – they’re usually quite obedient. By stripping away the client’s masculinity and “forcing” upon them a softer identity, you’ll find a different source of confidence within, while practicing your feminization makeup techniques on a grateful mannequin. Clients looking to explore their sissy side can benefit by completely letting go of their masculinity within a safely controlled environment.

Both parties are paired together based on their uniquely personal lists of: 1) What psychological aspects excite them, and 2) What they’re comfortable exploring. Scarlett’s job is to maintain a relaxed atmosphere by teaching beauticians how to properly direct dialogue and mitigate any feelings of judgment. “Sissy talk” is as important as making sure neither party feels overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

Elements of a Roleplay Makeover may include:


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

whatever we make you wear


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

in sexy

high heels


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

your lipstick

touched up


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

up after

your messes


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

our every command


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

your pretty little mouth


Crossdressing Services by GLOSS

still while

we tie you up


Feminization & Sissification @ GLOSS Rhode Island

your place as our doll